designed & built in 1-2 weeks for 250+€ with satisfaction guarantee


During 2 weeks, I’ll design and build a website for you. The design process will be in a collaboration with you as a client where you during those 2 weeks give continuous feedback. Due to the many iterations, we’ll ensure that you’re happy with the result. If not, you get your money back.

1. Prerequisites

You already have

2. Planning

We plan in 2 weeks where you as a client have the option to give feedback and I’m not already working on another project.

3. Initiation

We start with a conversation where you tell me about your wishes and needs.

4. Sketch

The first output you’ll see a home page including header and footer that’ll indicate the direction I’ll go in with the rest of the site. We’ll iterate over the front page until we have a concept that satisfies you.

5. Pages

Now it’s time to add all the rest. I’ll generate all the pages and we’ll adjust content, imagery, menus, etc.


You get full ownership of all products and the satisfaction of knowing when your final product will be delivered. Afterwards, you maintain the content on your own (see The upgrader).

The one-pager

CV’s, small businesses, etc.
€ 250
satisfied or free

Click Here
One week instead of two

A simple site

For small to medium sized businesses, hobbies, etc.
€ 400
satisfied or free

Click Here
*other pages are not unlimited since every page takes some time but as long as it’s reasonable, it’ll probably fit in the package

The upgrader

For bigger businesses or when you just have additional wishes and needs
€ 20-300
per upgrade

Click Here
The upgrades are non-refundable

Ze klopt code sneller dan Lucky Luke, is accuraat en denkt mee – Awesome!!

Klaas Jongsma

Entrepreneur, Houtense Spelen
Product: Website; A simple site + many custom made icons