Logo & house style

designed in 48 hours for 200€ with satisfaction guarantee


During 48 hours, I’ll design a logo for you with a complimentary house style. The design process will be in a collaboration with you as a client where you during those 48 hours give feedback 5-20 times. Due to this many iterations, we’ll ensure that you’re happy with the result. If not, you get your money back.

1. Planning

We plan in 48 hours where we you as a client have the option to give feedback.

2. Initiation

We start with a conversation where you tell me your wishes and needs. If you already have some color ideas or style examples or elements that you want me to take into consideration, this is where you can deliver it.

3. Monochrome sketch

The first output you’ll see is a monochrome sketch of the logo. Colors are very important but can overshadow the concept that you’re trying to express. Plus, a logo should be able to work in monochrome. We’ll iterate over the monochrome sketch until we have a concept that is satisfying to you.

4. Colors and fonts

Time to add some colors to the logo and adjust the fonts.

5. House style

Based on the logo, I’ll put together a house style consisting of logo, colors, fonts and maybe a few background items.


You get full ownership of all products and the satisfaction of knowing when your final product will be delivered.

Just a logo

When you only need the basics
€ 130
satisfied or free

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Logo is delivered in png format with transparent background.
If colors are available from the client, I can deliver up to 3 monochrome logos for the same price, otherwise it’ll be black.

The full package

When you need to get started
€ 200
satisfied or free

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Logos are delivered in png format

The upgrader

When you just want someone to take care of stuff
€ 20-75
per upgrade

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The upgrades are non-refundable and requires a logo and house style delivered in proper format.