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Learn Dutch // Not a school

Andere Jan teaches the Dutch language in an alternative way focusing on communication.

He offers both group and individual sessions on all levels.

Communication is a



Hi, I’m Jan

I believe that communication is a creative process. You always have several options with

subtle differences.

To offer the freedom that language needs, I use my own materials instead of a book. I prefer open exercises to the ones with a dotted line.

This way, you’ll make lots of mistakes… Perfect! That’s the best way to learn; 

Communication is a practical ability, not a theoretical field of knowledge.

Speaking, listening, writing, reading, trying, stumbling, and laughing are great tools in this process.

I work in an alternative way

Interactive & playful sessions

Lots of talking time and individual attention focusing on communication

Relaxed atmosphere

Learn from an official teacher in a not-so-official way

7 years of experience

With excellent results

Small groups

Max 7 students

Teaching and learning can exist outside a school.

I believe that learning a language is easier and nicer with the following ingredients:

Taking it where it goes

The sessions have a relaxed structure. We use the blackboard whenever necessary and I like to use different kinds of materials.

No boring lessons

In the interactive sessions, you’ll be introduced to the Dutch language as its’s being used in the real world.

Group sessions

In small groups of max 7 students, you’ll experience enough personal attention while being able to have nice conversations and learn from the others.

We’ll be using a blackboard but no book.

I have sessions for beginners up to advanced students.

Price: €17-€22 per session

Individual sessions

Individual sessions give you the option to practice Dutch at a time slot suited for you. You’ll get direct attention and we’ll adjust the content to your level and interests.

Price: €35-€45 per session

Pop-up theme sessions

The theme sessions are popping up during the year and have – as the title suggests – a different theme every time.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for new theme sessions.

Price: €25 per stand-alone session

(current students 50% discount)

I’m working for the happy customers

Learn Dutch in an easy-going and open style.Fast or slow, practical or theoreticalIntensive or casual, individual or in groups.
I started with Jan as a complete beginner … bla bla bla…

John Doe
I studied with Jan on an advanced level. I loved his approach where every student got the challenge they needed and we could learn from each other.

Carina Tangsgaard
When I came to Jan, I had tried some other approaches and had learned some Dutch but I wanted to get more active communication… yadeyadeyade…

Jane Doe

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